MailOne Add-ons

Our software works with MailOne versions 1, 2 and 3 (except where noted).

Form and Postal Utilities Cost Recovery Connector (FPU CRC) software automates the recovery of office mailing expenses by constantly synchronizing account and postage data between the FP postage meter MailOne software and a firms cost recovery system (i.e. Copitrak, Equitrac, ProLaw…). Also compatible with Vision360.

  • Minimal user interaction
  • Run the entire process from a desktop icon or as a a scheduled task.
  • Data formatted for default MailOne Import/Export.
  • Data formatted for default cost recovery Import/Export.


  • Firms cost recovery program exports new account/client matter file.
  • CRC imports and converts file to MailOne format.
  • CRC automatically deletes deactivated accounts from MailOne.
  • CRC imports new accounts into MailOne.


  • CRC formats file in firms cost recovery format.
  • Manually/Automatically import postage file into firm’s cost recovery system.
  • CRC exports raw postage file from MailOne.
    • Manually by date range.
    • Automated by keeping tack of previous date/time exported
Form and Postal Utilities Postal Connect for FP Postage Meters is a way to manage all of your postage meter data from an online portal. Where ever you have an internet connecting you have access to your data. Keep track of your MailOne accounts, addresses, postage, requests, registers, and tracking info by automatically syncing to and from MailOne. 

Keeping track of MailOne Tracking; know when and where your mail went. Combined with a USPS tracking number for even more precision.

Any manual importing back into MailOne is made simple by being able to download MailOne compatible import files. These can be filled with your Account, Addresses, and/or your Postage data.

Create your own custom reports to view your data exactly as you need it. Capable of exporting the reports in a convenient .csv format. Postal Connect also lets you print page and label reports for your MailOne requests.

All your MailOne data from Accounts and Addresses, to

Postage and Tracking can be viewed and filtered by a myriad of options from date ranges to class of mail and a whole host of other options. Working with MailOne has never been easier.

pdf Download Postal Connect Brochure

See the app Help page for more details.

Form & Postal Utilities Desktop Mail Request for MailOne automatically fills in recipient info and accounting data into MailOne™.

Fill in a mail request on your desktop, print your label/page with the barcode. Then have the mail room scan it, which automatically fills in recipient and accounting information into MailOne.

Account option fills in the selected account and the product (how it’s being shipped).

Address option fills in the name and address as well as the account and product for parcel shipments.

Certified Mail option fills in the name, address, account, and product for MailOne. Then prints the name, address, and costs on an individual PS 3800 and provides a daily PS 3665 or 3877 report.

pdf Download Mail Request Brochure PDF

pdf Download Mail Request Details PDF

Form & Postal Utilities Multi Meter Manager for MailOne automatically collects MailOne registers, parcel, and postage data into one database. Provides canned and custom external reporting on one or many FP postage meters. The program can transform rates for optional reporting, which is ideal for charging back retail vs presort postal rates.  Also, it can sync with third party mailing and shipping systems (i.e. FedEx, UPS, Vision360…) bringing all your data into one reporting system.


pdf Download Multi Meter Manager Brochure
Form & Postal Utilities Open Database for MailOne automatically grabs the registers, postage, and parcel shipping data from MailOne then places it into an Access ACCDB or SQL database for your reporting purposes.


pdf Download MailOne Open Database Brochure

Form & Postal Utilities Parcel Tracking for MailOne automatically collects MailOne parcel shipping details and status into a single database. Provides a simple datasheet form with a continuous list of shipping details which includes a link to track the item from the USPS website. Every time data is gathered from MailOne new parcels are added, and existing ones have their status updated.