Microsoft – our desktop software runs under Windows 7 and above and our desktop development environment is Access, Office and SQL Server (2010 and above).

FP USA – half of we do is dedicated to their software and hardware. We have been successfully working with FP postage meters, inserters and software solutions for more than ten years.

Shippo – business is moving to the cloud we utilize Shippo on-line shipping API to rate and ship to the world.

Satori – we haven’t found a better solution to integrating CASS, presort, mixed weight mailing and managing many customers at once. Form and Postal Utilities software and the cloud application utilizes Bulk Mailer to get out postal work done.

Measurement Computing – data acquisition and control is vital to our software productivity and we couldn’t do it without their analog and digital daq boards and software.

WinSCP – an FTP client with a great scripting interface to automate transferring of files between our websites and Windows servers and workstations.

TeamViewer – One tool makes it possible to work as if you were all in the same room without travel time and expenses, our primary support tool.

Without these companies we wouldn’t be able to develop our software and for that we are thankful.
No official endorsement from them is implied.