Form & Postal Utilities software works between your line of business application and your folding/inserting equipment. It can produce virtually any type of form (invoice, statement, po, etc.) that can take full advantage of USPS postage discounts and apply barcodes or omr marks for the intelligent folding and inserting hardware.

  • Multiple data source formats
  • Build intelligent forms
  • CASS and Presort
  • Document consolidation
  • USPS Itemized and Batch Manifest Mailing
  • Print offline or inline

Build practically any type of form and apply barcodes or omr marks with pixel precision.
Pared with Pave & CASS Certified presort bulk mail software you can serious money vs. standard or first class USPS postal rates and ensure it gets to the right address.
Whether desktop or large floor model folder inserters this software can produce marks to control just about any mailing situation.

Form & Postal Utilities for the Cloud can do all your mail processing in the cloud. Use the FPU for the Cloud customer management/mail automation processing website to submit and manage job results. Upload your mail list and we’ll run it through USPS processing and build intelligent forms.

  • Upload your list
  • Submit for processing
  • Our servers process and deliver
  • Your reports
  • USPS reports
  • Corrected address list
  • Status reports
  • Email notifications
  • We print, fold and insert and mail -or- you do
Form & Postal Utilities Receive keeps track of incoming, outgoing and delivered items such as mail, packages, employees, products and more.

  • Capture and track inbound, outbound and delivered items
  • Easily search and filter content
  • Email and text notifications
  • Highly customizable interface and reporting
  • Open data infrastructure

Capture and track information on incoming items. Easily search or filter item history and view reports.
If the inbound is stopping within the company pre notify by email or text. Capture signature and scan barcodes via economical wireless tablets and barcode scanners.
Just like inbound, capture, track and report on outbound items.

Single workstation and network versions are available.

Form & Postal Utilities Independent Barcode Control is a set of software tools and hardware that allows the customer to deploy barcode based controls throughout the workplace for users or machines to process.

  • Analyze, respond and trigger events
  • Collect and tabulate data
  • Control Equipment
  • Complex barcode validation
  • Improve Processes and QC
Used to intelligently manage the all in one print/fold/insert manifest mailing machine. Driven by Form and Postal Utilities software forms.
Quality assurance tool designed to check for and report on duplicate, missing and out of order items coming down your production line.
Elections department needed to make sure all the ballots received at the post office were delivered and checked in to the vote counting facility.