Cost Recovery Connector

Form and Postal Utilities Cost Recovery Connector (CRC) automates the recovery of office mailing expenses by regularly synchronizing accounts and postage data between the FP postage meter MailOne software and a firm’s cost recovery system (i.e. Copitrak, Equitrac, Prolaw…).


Normally your firms cost recovery software will produce a list of all client matters that need to be made available in the MailOne Account list. CRC will take the client matter file and import them into MailOne accounts with minimal to no user interaction (multiple times a day if needed).
CRC can run automatically as a scheduled task, by double clicking its desktop icon or by simply clicking one of the buttons on the program’s main form.

Automatically import new client matter numbers and descriptions into FP MailOne accounts The CRC Program reads in all the customers matters, deletes missing accounts and imports new ones. MailOne will ensure no duplicates are created.

When FPU CRC starts the Import Wizard a notification will be given to the user warning that it will start in 30 seconds.

Once the process has started the CRC program’s virtual user runs the commands needed to import the new client matter files on its own.


Automatically export meter postage from MailOne and imports it into a cost recovery or accounting system. Users can manually export by date range or the CRC program can continuously append the new postage data to an export file or database. Includes checks to prevent duplicate postage exports and can apply chargeback in numerous ways.

It is also capable of importing virtually any file type, and can be scheduled to automatically run one or more times a day. The user can run either process any time via desktop icons as well. 

CRC also includes an extensive history log to quickly diagnose system status.